2014 ABR’s Player Rankings (NEW) and Team Rankings


ABR Team Rankings:


Team Rankings will be posted every other Tuesday starting April 15th after the Battle of the Rankings Tournament


How to qualify your team for ABR’s Rankings:

  • Must be USSSA Sanctioned
  • Each week all USSSA tournaments are evaluated and or reported
  • USSSA and ABR Staff Members will highlight specific tournaments each weekend that will have staff members evaluating the selected tournaments
    • We realize teams will not be able to make one of the highlighted tournaments every weekend, which is why we also have other outside directors affiliated with USSSA and ABR as selected voters reporting all other USSSA tournaments each specific weekend
  • Other ways to be recommended throughout the year: send us feedback, team stats, and accomplishments via facebook and twitter by Monday at 12:00 p.m. (day before selection)

ABR and USSSA Voters, vote to select that week’s top 10. Teams that receive the most votes based on our point system will be placed in our top 10 accordingly. 


Battle of the Rankings tournament is a chance to put your team on the Map. Also, allowing teams from the previous seasons to move up in the rankings and or prove they belong in our top 10. The most Competitive early bird tournament in the state of Illinois. Join Today!


End of the Season Rankings will be posted on August 19th 2014

Number 1 Ranked teams (9u-14u) at the END of the Season will receive  USSSA RINGS

Pictures to be posted shortly


Player Rankings:


ABR is taking a progressive step in rankings for the 2014 season. ABR will be adding player rankings ages 9u-14u. The player rankings will give players expostioner and become potential prospects for the Junior All State Games for 2014. Please stay tuned as more details will be coming soon!


How to qualify for Player Rankings:

  • Must be USSSA Sanctioned
  • Play in a USSSA tournament
  • Best way to be evaluated
    • Play in a highlighted ABR Rankings tournament
    • Play in a Premier Sports & Events Tournament
    • Participating in an ABR Event

Above we have listed the best ways for ABR and USSSA Staff Members to evaluate players, as these will be the tournaments we will be at throughout the year. However, we do have outside of the state office USSSA directors and voters also evaluating at other USSSA tournaments and Events.

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For Information, please call the State Office at 708.675.1500