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2016 Season Starts August 1st and runs through July 31st! Teams must Re-Sanction with USSSA for the 2016 Season.  Click Here to Sanction Online!

Follow the Links Below and Above to get you to the Correct Webpage.

Determining your team's classification

USSSA offers four levels (classifications) of play (i.e.: Major, AAA, AA, A)


Any team that is reforming from the PREVIOUS season must start the CURRENT season in the same class that they finished the PREVIOUS season.  If four (4) or more players from a PREVIOUS roster are on a new team, that team must classify as the PREVIOUS team's classification.

The guidelines below are to help determine your classification.  The ultimate classification is determined by the overall strength of the team.  Teams may be reclassified at any time by the Illinois & Wisconsin USSSA State Office.  Teams must play in at least the same division as they finished the previous season if not the next higher classification.

Major Classification
Top teams in the state. 

Best teams in the state

Can Compete with Major teams in region.

AAA Classification

Upper middle 20% - 30% of the teams in the state. 

Traveling teams

Tryout teams

AA Classification

Lower middle 30% - 45% of the teams in the state. 

Limited travel schedule

A Classification

Remaining 10% - 20% of the teams in the state.

Recreation League Teams

Limited playing schedule

Local tournaments
First Year Teams CAN NOT Sanction as A.  Teams must sanction as AA and through USSSA Games show they are an A Team.

Register your team

All USSSA teams are required to register annually with USSSA.  Teams must register their team on-line atwww.usssa.com.

If you have registered with USSSA before and do not remember your Login ID and password:
      1.  Go to www.usssa.com.

      2.  Click "baseball"
      3.  Click "Login/Logout" on the top menu and Click “Forget Password”
      4.  Enter email address and click "Submit"
           Your Login ID and Password will be emailed to you.           

A.  Register Team On-Line (Teams without existing Login ID and Password) 
      1.  Go to www.usssa.com.
      2.  Click on "Register Here"
      3.  Click on "Baseball"
      4.  Fill in required information and click "Submit"
           Your Login ID along with your password you entered are now in the system.  
           Be sure to write down your Login ID and password and keep in safe place. 
      5.  Log in using your Login ID and Password
      6.  Click on "Create A Team"
      7.  Fill in required information and click "Submit"
      8.  Click on button inside the yellow box to register your team on-line.
      9.  Fill in required information and click "Submit Payment"
           After your credit card has been approved, you will receive a confirmation page 
    10.  Print confirmation page for your records
    11.  Click on "Return to USSSA" to return to your team's home page.
           Your team registration number is to the right of your team's classification.
           You are now ready to enter your roster on-line.

USSSA Baseball does not charge an Individual Player Registration fee.  Your Annual Team Registration is valid from August 1st through July 31st.

Completing your on-line roster

All USSSA teams (tournament and / or league) are required to have their USSSA Roster on-line.  It's a quick and simple process.  

      1.  Go to www.usssa.com
      2.  Click on "Baseball"
      3.  Click on "Log In / Log Out" (top of page in blue menu)
      4.  Enter your Login ID and Password
      5.  Highlight correct team if not already highlighted
      6.  Click circle by "Roster Adds and Updates" and click "Submit"
      7.  Read and agree to the USSSA Roster Manager Affidavit
      8.  Follow directions at the top of the page to enter each player on your roster
      9.  When all players have been added, click on "View Team"
     10. Verify all information you have entered is correct
     11. Click on "Printable Roster" and print your on-line roster.
     12. All player's parents must sign the roster
     13. Make copies of your signed "Official USSSA On-Line Roster"

A signed copy MUST be submitted to the Tournament Director BEFORE your team's first game at all USSSA Tournaments.

USSSA Insurance

All teams are required to have insurance in order to play USSSA Baseball.  Teams do not need USSSA Insurance, however, it is available to all teams.  There are several different options with deductibles, length of time, and age groups, so please  click here  to view the different available insurance packages.   



USSSA Insurance For Youth and Adult Teams
Baseball - Basketball - Flag/Touch Football - Lacrosse - Soccer - Softball - Volleyball

Jan 1st 2015 to Jan 1st 2016
$3,000,000 General Liability per Occurrence effective January 1, 2015
$100,000 Accident Medical Expense

Aug 1st 2015 to Aug 1st 2016
$3,000,000 General Liability per Occurrence
$100,000 Accident Medical Expense

611 Line Drive, Kissimmee, FL 34744   |   1-800-741-3014

Finding a USSSA Tournament

To view all the  USSSA sanctioned tournaments and all other states USSSA tournaments, click here.  Keep in mind that ALL USSSA sanctioned tournaments are listed on the USSSA National Web Site regardless of what might be posted on some other web sites.  To find all USSSA Tournaments in Illinois and Wisconsin, click here.


2016 USSSA Tri-State All Star Weekend

Players will be selected through all sanctioned USSSA Events located on USSSA Illinois and USSSA Wisconsin

For More Information on How to Become an All-Star CLICK HERE

2016 USSSA Junior All State Games

Bragging Rights are on the line...... Which State is the "Best of the Best!"

Want to represent your State Click Here for further Details

USSSA Illinois and Wisconsin State Office
9960 W. 191st Street
Suite A
Mokena, IL 60448
p: (708) 675-1500  f:(708) 675-1505

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